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Referee Mentor/Advisor Handbook 2010-2011 – now available

An updated (AYSO) Mentor/Advisor Handbook is now available for download through

A volunteer can enter the portal using his or her AYSO volunteer ID number. You will find this publication under the selections for -Manuals- for -Referees-.

Although AYSO requires a login to access the download site, the copyright assertion is generous:

All rights reserved. © 2010 American Youth Soccer Organization
Reproduction in whole or in part is encouraged provided no changes are made to content and the “2010-2011 Referee Mentor/Advisor Handbook” is referenced.

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Safe Haven transition August 1, 2011

Many thanks to Area 2N SDRI Martin Bittner for putting this information together.  It applies to all of us that are involved in AYSO referee instruction.

[ click HERE for a related notice from  National Safe Haven Administrator Karen Mihara et al ]

– – – – – – – – – – –

The new Safe Haven course becomes effective today August 1, 2011.

All disciplines will now take the same Safe Haven course. There is no distinction in the current course between Referee, Coach, and Management disciplines. One course, one certification.

In eAYSO, a volunteer’s Safe Haven certification now shows up under the Management tab in the Volunteer Information Certification page.

In order to teach the new Safe Haven course, you need to take it first. Two easy options:

Webinar –

Online – (you will need your AYSO volunteer ID  number)

Safe Haven courses must be registered separately from a referee class (e.g. there will be no more Basic with Safe Haven course). You will need two separate rosters to accomplish this: one roster for Safe Haven and another roster for the Referee course. If you have already registered a Ref-Course-with-Safe-Haven you will need to cancel that roster and to create two new rosters.

The Safe Haven course is actually listed as AYSOs Safe Haven so look under “A” and not “S” when you do a Course Lookup in eAYSO.

The Safe Haven lesson plan can be found at

Safe Haven certifications under the old curriculum remain valid. Note that a volunteer with (only) Referee Save Haven certification is not Safe Haven certified as a coach. Take the current course to upgrade to coach Safe Haven certification.

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