Safe Haven transition August 1, 2011

Many thanks to Area 2N SDRI Martin Bittner for putting this information together.  It applies to all of us that are involved in AYSO referee instruction.

[ click HERE for a related notice from  National Safe Haven Administrator Karen Mihara et al ]

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The new Safe Haven course becomes effective today August 1, 2011.

All disciplines will now take the same Safe Haven course. There is no distinction in the current course between Referee, Coach, and Management disciplines. One course, one certification.

In eAYSO, a volunteer’s Safe Haven certification now shows up under the Management tab in the Volunteer Information Certification page.

In order to teach the new Safe Haven course, you need to take it first. Two easy options:

Webinar –

Online – (you will need your AYSO volunteer ID  number)

Safe Haven courses must be registered separately from a referee class (e.g. there will be no more Basic with Safe Haven course). You will need two separate rosters to accomplish this: one roster for Safe Haven and another roster for the Referee course. If you have already registered a Ref-Course-with-Safe-Haven you will need to cancel that roster and to create two new rosters.

The Safe Haven course is actually listed as AYSOs Safe Haven so look under “A” and not “S” when you do a Course Lookup in eAYSO.

The Safe Haven lesson plan can be found at

Safe Haven certifications under the old curriculum remain valid. Note that a volunteer with (only) Referee Save Haven certification is not Safe Haven certified as a coach. Take the current course to upgrade to coach Safe Haven certification.

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AYSO National Referee Administrator Tom Bobadilla will instruct at Golden Gate Camp 2011

AYSO National Referee Administrator Tom Bobadilla will instruct at Golden Gate Camp 2011

Registration and other camp information is here:



We are excited to announce that Tom Bobadilla will be joining us again this year!

As the National Organization continues to offer educational opportunities for all of us, as “Volunteers”, we at Golden Gate Camp are among the first to receive the:

NEW Session for Current Certified Instructors

This session for current instructors from all disciplines offers an opportunity to re-energize, learn additional skills, build up confidence through teamwork & support while sharing with fellow instructors.

Since Tom joined AYSO, it has been his desire to share his knowledge and  experience with our volunteers in fun and practical sessions.

Tom brings with him a Masters in Business Education, 20+ years experience in conducting training for instructors and management leaders, for the United States Soccer Federation and former employers.

Please join us for this session which is intended to be a fun, value-added experience for instructors across all disciplines.

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Introducing the New AYSO Safe Haven Course- One Size Fits All

This is important news for all volunteers. It is especially important news for Referee Instructors and other Instructors.

The new unified AYSO Safe Haven program officially rolled out July 1, 2011.

A few quick ‘must knows’ here at the top of the message, followed by other great stuff:

– There is only one Safe Haven curriculum. It applies to all disciplines (referee and coach, in particular).

– To be a/the lead instructor for the new Safe Haven course, you first have to become certified to do so.  If you are/were certified to teach the ‘old’ course, you (just) need to complete taking the new course as a student in order to update your instructor certification. Clear?

– AYSO offers fabulous opportunities to take the course (for credit) as a Webinar in July. Your webinar course leaders are Karen Mihara, our AYSO National Safe Haven Administrator, and Tom Bobadilla, our AYSO National Referee Administrator. Schedule and other information is available on our AYSO National website here: 

Tom is teaching in Spanish, Karen in English.

– AYSO “press release” is here

– Our Section 2 Director of Referee Instruction, Holly Bromley, can assist you with any questions/issues about this program. You can reach her at (jhbholly at aol dot com)   The transition period between courses is (just) this month of July. Some of you may already have courses scheduled for this month and want/need to use the ‘old’ curriculum. Holly can advise…

– (New) lesson plan is available at

– The (new) Safe Haven training is available online at

– Safe Haven certifications under the old curriculum remain valid. Note that a volunteer with -only- Referee Save Haven certification is not Safe Haven certified as a coach. Take the current course to ‘upgrade’ to coach.

– The last nugget in this message is: Be advised that Safe Haven training/certification is required for all referee volunteers. Yes, this includes youth referee volunteers.  It is worth repeating:

All youth referee volunteers are required to be Safe Haven trained and certified.

– If you have read this far, you are indeed a dedicated volunteer. Thank you!

4 July 2011


(sra (at) section2 dot org)

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FIFA Laws of the Game – 2011/2012

The FIFA Laws of the Game 2011/2012 publication is now available to everyone, from the FIFA website.

You can download the file at this link on this page.

USSF has published a Memorandum on the Law Changes for 2011/2012.  If you can’t find it easily by a web search for “USSF 2011 Memorandum of Law Changes”, let me know.

AYSO will soon (!) catch up with an AYSO/FIFA Laws of the Game publication for 2011/2012. In the meantime, you know the drill.

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Welcome to AYSO Section 2 Referee Administration

My first post as the new SRA for AYSO Section 2.   Many thanks go to our colleague SRA 6 who led the way – see the Section 6 version here.

That’s all for now…

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